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Revolutionize Forestry Operations with ArborX

ArborX is a suite of cutting-edge tracking devices tailored specifically for the forestry industry. Experience the power of technology advancements in the forestry industry with ArborX and revolutionize the way you track and optimize your planting processes.

ArborX - DP

The ArborX-DP is designed to be utilized on standard Dibble bar Planters. This device employs a tee handle which provides for multiple hand hold positions such as two-hand horizontal, one-hand horizontal and one-hand vertical.

Enhance Precision and Efficiency

With its versatile tee handle design, providing multiple hand hold positions, including two-hand horizontal, one-hand horizontal, and one-hand vertical, ArborX-DP empowers forestry businesses to achieve precise and efficient planting, ensuring optimal seedling placement for higher survival rates.

Streamline Data Collection

By effortlessly capturing hand positions and movement, ArborX-DP provides forestry businesses with accurate insights for improved planning, analysis, and decision-making.

Maximize Accountability and Auditing

By creating GPS points for every planted seedling, ArborX-DP virtually eliminates the need for traditional sampling methods, bringing transparency and accuracy to your forestry operations.

ArborX - DPS

The ArborX-DPS is identical to the ArborX-DP with the exception of it has only a half tee handle. This model is designed for operators who prefer to use only a one-hand hold in either the horizontal or vertical position.

Unmatched Versatility and Comfort

By helping technicians track the amount of product used, BPX ensures consistent application across lawns, beds, and broadcast areas.

Increased Efficiency and Control

By providing a seamless transition between one-hand horizontal and one-hand vertical positions, ArborX-DPS optimizes workflow and ensures precise seedling placement, boosting productivity.

Seamless Accountability and Auditing

Enhance accountability and auditing through GPS tracking with this powerful device, bringing transparency and accuracy to your forestry operations.

ArborX - SP

The ArborX-SP is designed to be utilized on standard Spade or Shovel type planters. This device employs a vertical handle with no horizontal handle which is typically expected for spade shovel planting applications. If a horizontal handle is required, it is possible to use the DP or DPS models with a spade shovel.

Optimize Spade or Shovel Planting

Experience enhanced control and efficiency during spade shovel planting applications, ensuring precise seedling placement and maximizing productivity.

Tailored Precision

With its vertical handle design, ArborX-SP provides the expected functionality and control required for spade or shovel planting applications.

Accurate Applicator Tracking

With real-time data collection and near real-time tracking capabilities, ArborX-SP brings accuracy to accountability and auditing.

ArborX - MP

The ArborX-MP is designed to be utilized on mechanical planters, such as the C&G planter, which are typically towed by a bulldozer or tractor. This device is provided as a parts kit which may include mounting and bracketry designed specifically for the brand or model of planter.

Precision in Mechanical Planting

Experience unmatched accuracy and efficiency in mechanical planting, maximizing your forestry business’s productivity.

Tailor-Made Integration

The provided parts kit, including specialized mounting and bracketry, is designed to seamlessly integrate with the specific brand or model of your planter.

Advanced Planting Capabilities

By incorporating ArborX-MP into your mechanical planting operations, you gain access to enhanced precision, streamlined workflow, and increased control.

The problems we’re solving

This market in further behind than others when it comes to technology advancements, but we are changing some of that through:

Simple, efficient, and accurate liquid and granular application tracking. This industry relies heavily on a migrant labor force that uses backpacks to broadcast produce over rough terrain post-harvest, in preparation for the next generations of seedlings being planted. These applications have never been tracked. Our data collectors paint a clear picture of exactly where the liquid products were applied. This data is used to ensure that the next generation of seedlings has the highest chance of survival.

Accountability & Auditing: Sampling has been the common measure of proper seedling stocking rates over the last 4 decades. The process only measures a small fraction of the site and is a very flawed system. ArborX almost eliminates the need altogether by creating a GPS point for every seedling planted.

Near real time tracking of the applicators creates and planters create a safer environment by increasing the visibility of workers that are working in remote locations.