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Collect spot treat data from hand-held sprayers and backpacks and accurately track all inventory from product purchase to product application.


Bob is the owner of a vegetation management company who employs 100 seasonal migrant contract employees who apply chemicals to large power line right of ways. He has found it very difficult to accurately track where his contractors are currently working, where they have been, how much time they have spent in each area and where and how much chemical they have applied to each area they cover. The electrical cooperative that Bob works for asked about an area that his team sprayed that should not have been sprayed but he cannot find documentation to prove whether his team sprayed that area and after talking with his team, they cannot remember if they sprayed the area. Bob ended up having to reimburse the property owner for damages that his team possibly did not create and runs the risk of the property owner creating bad publicity for his company.

Bob decided to lease BPX devices for his backpack sprayers, so he is now able to easily and accurately track exactly when his crews are at a particular location, how much time they spend treating the area,how much chemical was applied, where the chemical was applied, which technician applied the chemical and which equipment was used to apply the chemical. Thanks to OptiX Technologies, Bob will not be caught in this very uncomfortable and potentially detrimental situation again.


Jill is the owner of a small vegetation management company that applied chemicals to a large piece of land for weed control. Her team is well trained and always follows the labels. They recently applied chemicals for invasive weed control on a property that is adjacent to a corn crop. Prior to applying the chemicals, Jill verified that the chemical they applied is safe for use around corn crops as long as the chemical remains below 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Several weeks after Jill’s crew finished the job, she received a call from the corn crop’s owner stating that the chemicals her company applied killed his corn crop and she was going to have to pay for the damages.

Since Jill is using OptiX BPX devices which monitor and log the chemical temperature being applied she was able to quickly generate a report from the work that was executed on that property and confirm that the ambient temperature that day never exceeded 73 degrees Fahrenheit and the chemical never exceeded 67 degrees Fahrenheit. She was able to prove the accuracy of this data by dispensing chemical with a known temperature and confirming through the OptiX software. Jill was taken to court but ended up winning her case and later found that the farmer had accidentally treated his crop with the wrong chemical.


Amy is a product developer for Backpacks Plus who manufactures backpack sprayers for the vegetation management industry. They manufacture manually operated as well as electric operated pump units. Amy met OptiX Technologies at a trade show and was very impressed with the BPX tracking product line. After sharing her findings with her management team, they approached OptiX about integrating the BPX units into their backpacks. OptiX technologies split the BPX design into modular components that allowed the various components to be designed into the Backpacks Plus units in a way that was compact and allowed easy installation and maintenance of the units.

Since the electric pump operated units already contain a battery, the BPX device was designed to utilize the backpack’s existing battery system. Both systems were integrated into the backpacks so they look and work with the backpacks as one cohesive unit. Backpacks Plus’s customers now have the option to purchase their favorite backpacks with the OptiX tracking system built in and OptiX now has a great partnership with a high-quality backpack manufacturer that they can sell to their customers as a pre-packaged system. This turned out to be a big win for both companies.

Details and Specs

BPX is a high-precision device used for collecting spot treat data from hand held sprayers or backpacks. This device tracks liquid products being applied in small amounts within landscape beds and breakthrough weeds in lawns.