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How It Works

Standing on the shoulders of giants

For several decades private and commercial agriculture have utilized similar technologies to optimize yield, productivity, and their bottom line. Take similar ideas and technology OptiX has developed a product line that will bring all the benefits of precision agriculture into or market segments of the green industry.

Our Process


Set Up A Property In OptixOS

Customizable text fields allow you enter all relevant data that your technicians will need to complete the work order. It even allows you to leave notes for your technician.


When your technician gets to the property they can begin the job by simple clicking start. This will begin the data recording and processing procedure. In near real time they are able to gather and display data that will help them ensure they have completed the work order properly and to specification.

Analyze The Data AND MAKE ADJUSTMENTS For Peak Optimization

The data can then be analyzed by team members to ensure all regulatory requires have been met, keep closer tabs on inventory, and optimize training procedure for current & future hires.

The problems we’re solving

There have been advancements in business management software and technology like autonomous vehicles—and battery powered mowers are gaining traction—but that’s not scalable to the masses. We’re providing:

Simple, efficient, and accurate liquid and granular application tracking to maximize production and minimize waste while meeting and exceeding federal and state regulatory chemical application reporting.

Accountability and sustainability through accurately tracking all inventory from product purchase to product application. By holding technicians accountable to properly apply products at minimal amounts needed to achieve desired control and eliminate wasteful over-applications, we become better stewards of the ecosystems we are directly and indirectly impacting.

The best training tool in your technicians tool box. Optix collects all aspects of liquid and granular applications in real time. This data can immediately be used to make the technicians more efficient and productive by showing them how making minor changes to their processes yields more accurate applications.