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Works for processing and review or application and monitors spray guns with shower head nozzles.


Caleb is the owner-operator of My Big Green Lawn, a professional lawn care company. He is always looking for better, more cost-effective and efficient methods of managing and applying chemicals. Caleb learned about OptiX Technologies and their TurfX spray gun at a recent trade show and decided to adopt their spray guns and management system for his company.
With the adoption of the TurfX spray guns he is now able to see exactly where he sprayed, when he sprayed and how much chemical was sprayed on every lawn he cares for. The built-in mapping functions and calculators tell Caleb if and when he over or under applied chemicals along with estimates of how much. The maps show any areas that may have been missed which allows him to quickly go back and cover those areas preventing a second trip to the site. The OptiX inventory management system helps Caleb to better track his product usage and make better choices when ordering and managing his product inventory.

Since Caleb’s adoption of the TurfX system, his customers are much happier with their lawns and he has a much healthier bottom line since he can manage his product use much more accurately.


Jill is the owner of a small vegetation management company that applied chemicals to a large residential subdivision for weed control. Her team is well trained and always follows the labels. They recently applied chemicals for invasive weed control on a property that is adjacent to a corn crop. Prior to applying the chemicals, Jill verified that the chemical they applied is safe for use around corn crops as long as the chemical remains below 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Several weeks after Jill’s crew finished the job, she received a call from the corn crop’s owner stating that the chemicals her company applied killed his corn crop and she was going to have to pay for the damages.

Since Jill is using OptiX TurfX devices which monitor and log the chemical temperature being applied she was able to quickly generate a report from the work that was executed on that property and confirm that the ambient temperature that day never exceeded 73 degrees Fahrenheit and the chemical never exceeded 67 degrees Fahrenheit. She was able to prove the accuracy of this data by dispensing chemicals with a known temperature and confirming through the OptiX software. Jill was taken to court but ended up winning her case and later found that the farmer had accidentally treated his crop with the wrong chemical.


Jason is a licensed applicator and account manager for Super Green, a large commercial lawn and tree care service. Super Green employs thousands of people like Jason to manage and service their customers which range from homes to small businesses spread out over the entire United States. The company provides each applicator/account manager a truck that comes equipped with the necessary pumps, tanks, plumbing and application equipment needed to apply chemicals to lawns and trees. TurfX spray guns are attached to each of three hose reels in the truck and depending on which nozzle type is installed, can be used for spraying liquid chemicals on turf grass or tree foliage.

Since Super Green decided to implement the TurfX tracking device, Jason is able to calibrate his spray equipment easily through the OptiX phone app, he can view where he sprayed which may also indicate over and under sprayed areas that need attention. Once Jason transmits his daily spray logs to the OptiX server, his supervisor, who is located in a different state, can monitor Jason’s progress through the dashboard which shows him the jobs that Jason has executed, the time Jason arrived on the job, the time spent on the job, the quantity of chemical applied, a heat map showing where he sprayed and how much was sprayed. The dashboard also shows the weather conditions while he was spraying and his walking speeds and paths while he was spraying.

Jason’s supervisor can now determine that Jason is doing good work but could use some training on his application walking speeds. The application maps indicate that Jason walks a bit too slow for the chemical mixtures he is applying which is causing him to over apply the desired chemicals. The chemical Jason is applying is very expensive and the OptiX dashboard is suggesting that he is over-applying the chemical by 3% which costs the company an average of $2000 per year. After retraining Jason, his customers are more pleased with the quality of their lawns and the company is very pleased at the money they are saving.


Susan is a buyer for Fast Grow Enterprises, a global vegetation management equipment and chemical distributor. Susan’s company has a very well-known and trusted brand name and prefers to white label many of the products they sell. Susan met OptiX Technologies at a trade show and was very impressed with the TurfX spray gun product. After sharing her findings with her management team, they approached OptiX about white labeling and distributing the TurfX spray gun as their premier spray gun. OptiX technologies adjusted the color scheme and labeling to professionally represent the Fast Grow Enterprises branding as well as created a custom version of the OptiX dashboard interface and mobile app to suit Fast Grow’s specific requirements.

Fast Grow Enterprise’s customers now have the option to purchase their new premier spray gun with the OptiX tracking system built in and OptiX now has a great partnership with a high-quality distributor of other vegetation management supplies. This turned out to be a big win for both companies.

Details and Specs

TURFX is the foundation of our turf and ornamental data collection system. It works for processing and review or application, and its internal computer monitors spray guns with shower head nozzles.