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Pest Control

Empower Your Technicians

Welcome to a groundbreaking approach to pest control that redefines industry standards. Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to revolutionize your pest management operations. Equipped with state-of-the-art devices, we empower you to implement precise and efficient application tracking, resulting in reduced waste, employee training and accountability thus enhancing profitability. Embrace innovation and elevate your pest control strategies with our advanced technologies, ensuring a future where your operations thrive and pests are effectively managed. Welcome to a new era in pest control excellence!


High volume spray guns are widely used for tree and shrub spraying for pest control. SG-HV tracks the fluid volume resulting in greatly reduced waste and more efficient applications.

Optimize Application Precision

Take control of your fluid volume management and achieve exceptional results for tree and shrub spraying, pest control, and deep root fertilization.

Boost Your Bottom Line

By minimizing product waste and optimizing resource allocation, SG-HV directly contributes to the profitability of your business. Experience the power of accurate data and watch your bottom line soar.

Unleash Efficiency and Time Management

By tracking fluid volume and providing accurate data, SG-HV empowers you to make informed decisions, optimize time management, and increase productivity. Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace efficient workflows.

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Now, with cutting-edge technology, we’ve transcended the conventional use of backpacks by introducing a monitoring system that meticulously tracks every drop of product during application. Step into a new era of pest control management, where every application tells a detailed and accountable story of success.

Achieve Consistent Application

This innovative approach transforms the narrative of the pest control process, offering a comprehensive and transparent account of each application. From targeted treatments in specific areas to broader broadcast applications, our solution ensures a level of precision and insight that was previously unavailable.

Real-Time Insights

Track every drop of product in real time, knowing when, where, and how much was used. Harness the power of data to tell the entire story of your application process, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Boost Profitability

By ensuring accurate application and minimizing product overuse, BPX directly contributes to your bottom line.

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Upgrade your pest control arsenal with the SG-LV Gun, a cutting-edge solution designed for low volume applications that redefine versatility along structures. Embrace a new era in pest control management, where precision meets efficiency.

Precision mapped liquid applications

The first Smart spray gun for the pest control industry.

Stop assuming it was sprayed

Get a birds eye view of exactly what, when, where, and how much on each jobsite in near realtime.

Applicator training made easy

Imagine the comfort in knowing your new technician’s have a tool that will ensure their success in their new career choice.

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The problems we’re solving

In the ever-evolving landscape of business management software and technological advancements in the turf and horticulture sector, Optix emerges as a game-changer, introducing a comprehensive digital ecosystem to transform the pest control industry. Recognizing a crucial gap in the sector, we have pioneered innovative solutions to enhance employee accountability and redefine how pest control applications are managed.

Key Problems We Solve:

  1. Enhanced Employee Accountability:
    • Optix addresses the challenge of accountability in pest control by pinpointing the precise time and location of each application, ensuring transparency and reliability in service delivery.
  2. Comprehensive Inventory Management:
    • Our platform goes beyond tracking application details; it revolutionizes the industry with a complete inventory management system. From the initial product purchase to on-field application, Optix ensures seamless tracking, providing unparalleled control and insight to your company.
  3. Efficient Application Tracking:
    • Optix offers simple, efficient, and accurate liquid application tracking. This not only maximizes production and minimizes waste but also ensures compliance with federal and state regulatory application reporting.
  4. Accountability and Sustainability:
    • We contribute to sustainability by accurately tracking all inventory, from product purchase to product application. Optix is committed to promoting environmentally responsible practices within the pest control industry.
  5. Technician Empowerment:
    • Optix is more than a software solution; it’s the best training tool in your technician’s toolbox. By collecting real-time data on liquid applications, Optix empowers technicians to make immediate, informed decisions. The data reveals how minor changes to processes can lead to more accurate applications, enhancing efficiency and productivity.