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Turf and Horticulture

Empower Your Technicians

We bring innovative solutions to elevate your turf and horticulture operations. With our state-of-the-art devices, you can achieve precise and efficient application tracking, reducing waste and increasing your bottom line.


High volume spray guns are widely used for tree and shrub spraying, pest control, and deep root fertilization. VMX tracks the fluid volume resulting in greatly reduced waste and more efficient time management.

Optimize Application Precision

Take control of your fluid volume management and achieve exceptional results for tree and shrub spraying, pest control, and deep root fertilization.

Boost Your Bottom Line

By minimizing product waste and optimizing resource allocation, VMX directly contributes to the profitability of your business. Experience the power of accurate data and watch your bottom line soar.

Unleash Efficiency and Time Management

By tracking fluid volume and providing accurate data, VMX empowers you to make informed decisions, optimize time management, and increase productivity. Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace efficient workflows.

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Backpacks are a commonly used tool for low volume spot treatments in lawns, beds, and in some cases broadcast applications in those same areas. Now we can monitor every drop of product being applied which helps us tell the entire story of the application process.

Achieve Consistent Application

By helping technicians track the amount of product used, BPX ensures consistent application across lawns, beds, and broadcast areas.

Real-Time Insights

Track every drop of product in real time, knowing when, where, and how much was used. Harness the power of data to tell the entire story of your application process, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Boost Profitability

By ensuring accurate application and minimizing product overuse, BPX directly contributes to your bottom line.

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The spray gun that will revolutionize this industry!

Precision mapped liquid applications

The first Smart spray gun for the green industry.

Stop assuming it was sprayed

Get a birds eye view of exactly what, when, where, and how much on each jobsite in near realtime.

Applicator training made easy

Imagine the comfort in knowing your new technician’s have a tool that will ensure their success in their new career choice.

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Technology that aids in the precision application of agrochemicals for ride on sprayers.


A level of accuracy never before tracked in Turf & Horticulture

Fully Audit Technicians in Realtime

Reduce call backs by being able to audit the job before the technician leaves.

No more guesswork. See exactly what, where, and how much each technician applied.

Reduce the guesswork by being able to accurately visualize what happened on each jobsite

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The problems we’re solving

There have been advancements in business management software and technology like autonomous vehicles—and battery powered mowers are gaining traction—but that’s not scalable to the masses. We’re providing:

Simple, efficient, and accurate liquid and granular application tracking to maximize production and minimize waste while meeting and exceeding federal and state regulatory chemical application reporting.

Accountability and sustainability through accurately tracking all inventory from product purchase to product application. By holding technicians accountable to properly apply products at minimal amounts needed to achieve desired control and eliminate wasteful over-applications, we become better stewards of the ecosystems we are directly and indirectly impacting.

The best training tool in your technicians tool box. Optix collects all aspects of liquid and granular applications in real time. This data can immediately be used to make the technicians more efficient and productive by showing them how making minor changes to their processes yields more accurate applications.