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  • Collects data when applying plant health care products to trees and shrubs
  • Monitors specific rates of plant growth regulators, insecticides, and fertilizers applied
  • Ensures proper application of products
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  • Collects spot treat data from hand-held sprayers and backpacks
  • Tracks liquid products applied in small amounts within landscape beds and breakthrough weeds in lawns
  • Helps technicians follow guidelines for consistent product application
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  • High-powered computer installed in spray trucks
  • Executes work orders, routes technicians, and collects and processes data
  • Gives real-time insight to technicians to ensure jobs are correctly completed
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  • The foundation of our turf and ornamental data collection system
  • Works with COREX for processing and review or application
  • Internal computer monitors spray guns with showerhead nozzles
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optix os

Run your day to day business operations with confidence! OPTIX OS is a secure server network maintained by our team, giving companies of all sizes a turnkey software solution. CRM, scheduling, routing, work order creation, and accounting—OPTIX OS does it all.

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