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In the pursuit of a lush, healthy lawn, timing is paramount. From weed control to fertilization, every aspect of lawn care requires careful consideration of when to act for optimal results. At Optix, we understand the challenges faced by turf managers and lawncare companies, which is why we’ve developed cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the way you care for lawns.

Optix Technology: Precision Timing for Perfect Lawns

With Optix, achieving a vibrant, thriving lawn has never been easier. Our innovative solutions are designed to streamline lawn care tasks, maximize efficiency, and ensure precise timing for every aspect of turf management.

1. Herbicide Control Made Easy:

Say goodbye to wasted product with Optix at your disposal. Our advanced systems act as a precision GPS flow-meter, measuring the amount of herbicides applied so that you can use the exact amount you need for the job without wasting time or money.

2. Fertilization with Precision:

Give your grass the nutrients it needs in the exact location it needs to flourish with Optix. Our intuitive platforms let the applicator know exactly where liquid applications are applied. If re-application is necessary for better coverage, Optix provides the data you need to only spot treat the places that need it.

3. Maximizing Precision in Lawn Care:

Optix addresses the need for precise liquid application in lawn care with the TurfX line of spray guns. Specifically designed for the turf and horticulture industry, TurfX devices offer ergonomic design and durability to withstand rugged environments. These advanced spray guns accurately track the location of the applicator, liquid flow, pressure, and product direction. Integrated seamlessly with the Optix system, TurfX generates detailed maps highlighting application locations, quantities, applicator identities, and timestamps. With TurfX, ensure efficient and effective product distribution, enhancing turf and horticulture management.

4. Elevate Lawn Care Efficiency:

Tackling the challenges of lawn care with precision and efficiency, Optix introduces LawnX—the ultimate solution for ride and stand-on sprayers in the turf and horticulture industry. Engineered with robust construction and seamless integration with the Optix system, LawnX revolutionizes data collection and application monitoring. Whether for processing, review, or application, LawnX excels in precision and efficiency. Its internal computer meticulously monitors flow and GPS, ensuring accurate product distribution at every stage of the spraying process. With LawnX, elevate your turf care game and unlock unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in every application.

From weed control to fertilization, timing and technology is crucial for achieving a lush, healthy lawn. With Optix, you can take the guesswork out of lawn care and elevate your turf management game to new heights. If you’re a professional turf manager, our innovative solutions empower you to achieve the lawn of your customers’ dreams with precision timing and efficiency.